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Khao Sok Activities

Cheiw Larn Lake Exploring – Full day or overnight. Not to be missed!!!

The 28-km long Chiew Larn lake was created when the authorities built a hydro dam starting in 1986. Filled to a depth of 90 meters, it left spectacular limestone peaks popping up all over the lake. Enjoy boat rides through the enchanting scenery, swimming in the lake, quiet evening kayaking to spot wildlife along the banks, and a 3-hour hike to a cave in the forest. Delicious food, stay overnight in clean, cozy raft-houses. If you want more adventure or relaxation, spend one more nights on the lake.You may also enjoy this fairytale lake on a one-day trip with delicious, fresh lunch at the rafthouse.

Khao Sok Night Safari

No telling what you might find when you set out at night into the Khao Sok National park. Maybe a lemur, civet cat or fireflies mouse deer. Or the guide might suddenly illuminate a tarantula, a stick insect, or the vibrating stomach of a grasshopper making shrill noises in the jungle night(Minimum 2 persons)

Khao Sok Canoeing

2 hourS enjoy canoe trip depending on river current. Paddle yourself or be paddled by a guide down the Sok River, passing forest, fields, orchards, and mountain cliffs. (Minimum 2 person)

Khao Sok Tubing

Be a kid again. You'll love it. Depending on the time of year, this can be a cooling drift downstream or a more exciting ride with some small rapids to bump through. 1 hour trip including car pickup at the end. Not available during low water season mid-December to the end of April. (Minimum 2person)

Khao Sok Jungle Trekking

Challenging, fun, and fascinating, this trip will teach you how to survive in the tropical jungle. The jungle is much less threatening than Westerners think. For example, there are no mosquitoes deep in the forest, only in inhabited areas. And there is a wealth of fruit, roots, leaves, and fish to keep you alive if you know how to find and identify them . It is the experience of self-discovery and self-reliance. One of the most experienced jungle guides at Khao Sok will lead you on an overnight or 3day/2night. You will also get to see some of the beautiful interior of the Khao Sok park, with huge old rainforest trees seen on shorter trips.

Khao Sok Elephant Trekking

Enjoy with asian elephent they will bring you to the tropical jungle. Expereinced mahuts will take good care of you and the elephant. It takes Time about one and half hour of this trip.

Khao Sok Amazing Flower

Khao sok endemic Rafflesia Kerri merijer is found here and nowhere else. It is a Biggest of flower in the world. This parasitic plant will bloom once a year from December-March.

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